viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Toda la información más útil sobre cómo utilizar tus rotuladores en tus proyectos y bocetos:

Comics & Manga:
Airbrushing Comics by Jayleen Weaver (Marker Guru)
Coloring A Manga Character by Baylee Creations
Coloring Iron Man by Evan Burse (Cartoon Block)
Creating Sketch Cards with Copics by George Webber (No Cash Comics)
Using Screen Tones with Copic Markers by Jackson Root
Using Screen Tones to Advance Your Comics and Manga by Alex Heizer
Invincible Character Study by Todd Nauck
How to Color InuYasha with Copic Markers by Evan Burse
Product Design with Copics by Spencer Nugent
Architectural and Technical Sketching by Jackson Root
Coloring Hair by Brandi York
Coloring Curly Hair by Brandi York
Goblin Illustration by Brandi York
Coloring Blue Hair by Brandi York
Coloring Fabric Folds by Brandi York
Bridal Illustration by Brooke Hagel
Creating Lace with Copic Markers by Jennifer Hancock (The Illustrated Bride)
Copics on Gray Paper by Brandi York
Creating a Portrait with Copic Markers by Alex Bodnar
Character Design with Copic Markers by Brianne Drouhard
Watercolor and Copic Markers by Brandi York
Basic Lighting with Copic Markers by Jayleen Weaver
Create a Mystical Mood on a Budget by Garrett Ley
Papercrafting & Scrapbooking:Scrapbooking with Copics by Sharon Harnist
Spring Tulips Card by Debbie Olson
Creating Patterns with Colorless Blender by Kristy Dalman (Some Odd Girl)
Coloring and Shading Flowers by Sharon Harnist
Wedding Gift Box Project by Kristy Dalman
Creating Fur with Copic Markers by Kristy Dalman
Cardmaking with Copics by Sharon Harnist
Coloring Gingerbread Cookies with Copic Markers by Kristy Dalman
Coloring Red Poinsettias with Copic Markers
 by Sharon Harnist
Creating Fluffy Texture with Copic Markers by Kristy Dalman
Holiday Card Project by Sharon Harnist

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